At CSCMP, we believe in fostering an environment where attendees can build strong relationships that last a lifetime. And by engaging in provocative discussions and discovering ways to navigate your organization’s future, you’ll move beyond your comfort zone in this rapidly evolving industry.

At EDGE 2019, you can capture a year's worth of end-to-end supply chain news and best practices in just 3 ½ days. You will hear from senior supply chain executives and academics as they describe their own professional experience, bring valuable insight into the solutions they've adopted, and share lessons they've learned in their organizations.

Dynamic Formats

Harness innovation, creativity, and leadership through a mix of non-traditional and traditional learning settings:

  • Workshops
  • Roundtable discussions
  • Case studies/research
  • Interactive simulations

Knowledge Levels

Focus in on what is most relevant and beneficial to you by identifying the level of learning you’re looking for. The level applies to the recommended prerequisite knowledge of the session topic, rather than your position level in your organization.

Focus on broad information, awareness, and understanding of a topic with limited or no prior knowledge or experience of the subject required. This level is appropriate for employees or managers with limited experience of the subject area seeking to learn fundamentals, mid-career managers and directors looking to fill in gaps to solidify their skill set, and individuals new to the field before or after.

Focus on extensive application, comprehension, and implementation with in-depth material or explanation by the session leader. Highly interactive, including case studies and assessment measures, this level is appropriate for individuals with some knowledge and experience in the subject area. Individuals attending are mid-level managers, and directors in their fields with an established degree of competence and for those seeking to build on, apply, or enhance existing knowledge.

Focus on high-level creativity, innovation, and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing around highly technical or detailed topics. These sessions focus on problem identification, analysis, and solutions, while emphasizing risk-taking, autonomy, and opportunities for exploration. This level is appropriate for senior-staff executives and officers with significant expertise, knowledge, and experience, who could be deemed an expert in the field.

EDGE 2019 Educational Tracks

CSCMP hosts a highly respected educational conference reflecting the end-to-end supply chain. With only the latest in innovations, challenges, and opportunities emerging in the discipline, you will deep dive into evolving strategies, explore case studies and best practices, and develop new skills through in-depth sessions presented by skilled and experienced speakers.

EDGE tracks and sessions are developed by actual members and supply chain professionals, like you. Called, Track Chairs, their job is to deliver up to six total sessions that are not only of most interest to their peers, but to create a dialogue that encourages insights, energy, and passion to ultimately drive awareness and innovation across your organization.

2019 Supply Chain Innovation of the Year Award

A live competition in which a panel of judges joins conference attendees to hear presentations on innovative solutions and results from top players in the supply chain.

C-Level Discussion Forums

Gain insight into the thoughts and concerns of senior executives who manage complex supply chains and their counterparts who lead logistics solutions companies. Share ideas, ask questions, compare experiences, and learn from these panel and interactive discussion sessions.

Current Research and Surveys

Gain an in-depth understanding of the hot-button topics, challenges, and trends impacting your supply chain operations and the supply chain at large with updates on global research and trend studies.

Emerging Trends

Due to the ever-changing dynamics of today’s global marketplace, it is vital that we examine upcoming future trends that may impact businesses. Explore topics that have emerged or will be in the future.

Global Supply Chain

Supply chains have globalized dramatically over the last decade. This track focuses on creating an understanding of the opportunities and challenges of global supply chains from both a go-to-market as well as a supply perspective, incorporating global end-to-end visibility, dealing with cultural diversity, trade compliance, regulatory and taxation aspects. Global supply chains have substantial activity that does not touch the US, moving between and within Asia, non-US Americas and EMEA.

Government Regulations

The regulatory environment can represent an existential threat or a transformative opportunity for supply chain participants. Knowing what’s coming and adapting better than your competitors can be an enormous advantage in a time when significant differentiators are hard to come by. This track will help you identify the issues your regulatory strategy should be addressing by exploring the implications of recent and potential future regulatory actions for brands, providers, and other supply chain stakeholders.

Integrated Supply Chain Management and Finance

The supply chain is comprised of many parts all striving to come together in synchronized harmony to deliver exceptional results to the customer. In today’s lightning speed environment, strategic planning and communication at all levels of the supply chain is the key. Come to the Integrated Supply Chain Management track to learn how companies are utilizing collaboration, technology and integrated planning processes to optimize their supply chain and create value.


Supply Chain has many organizational touchpoints, thus creating many opportunities to lead and influence. Attend the leadership track sessions to hear from senior leaders regarding his/her respective leadership journey and the successes and struggles along the way. Topics will include leadership at multiple levels (Industry, Company, & Individual) and how to effectively lead and influence at each level.

Manufacturing and Service Operations

This track discusses how the supply chain can enhance the customer's experience through manufacturing and service operations. It will cover the challenges and opportunities you will face when you bring manufacturing "closer" to the customer. It will also discuss how industry best practices can be leveraged across multiple industries.

Order Fulfillment and Customer Service

Explore the rapidly evolving landscape of methodologies utilized by consumer product companies, wholesalers, retailers, and eCommerce to enhance distribution channels, and to efficiently reach in continually expanding markets and provide services tailored to address consumer preferences. This track will address the increasing role of technology systems and data analytics in order fulfillment and customer service as well as innovative strategies for maximizing efficiencies in distribution relationships including creative solutions for last mile deliveries and related performance metrics.

Risk Management

Supply chain risk management is the process of taking strategic steps to identify, assess and mitigate the risk in your end-to-end supply chain. This track will help to identify the types of risk, financial impacts, strategies for minimizing disruption and the speed in which you respond.

Sponsor Presentation Series I, II, III

CSCMP partners with our EDGE sponsors to offer a presentation that focuses on the world-class products and services they offer. Although the series does not follow CSCMP’s traditional non-commercial educational guidelines, these sessions will provide you with the opportunity to explore the many solutions that will be offered.

Supply Chain Exchange Series I, II

These educational sessions provide you with a 360-degree view of modern and future supply chain innovation offered by leading companies and solution providers.

Supply Chain Planning and Optimization

Building a more intelligent supply chain starts with a smart foundation that can proactively identify issues and ends with a seamless traceability. In this track we will provide tools to put you on a path to a smarter supply chain that contribute to real dollars to your bottom line.

Supply Management and Procurement

The supply management and procurement landscape are experiencing a transformation. This track will explore emerging, enabling, and disruptive strategies and technologies aiming to enhance and transform current and future supply chain operations.

Talent Management and Development

A great plan is nothing without great people to execute it. Major project coming up? Building a new team? Restructuring your division? You won’t want to miss this track. In our sessions you’ll learn best practices regarding recruiting, developing, and retaining talent as well as how companies have leveraged their talent to implement and execute best-in-class supply chains solutions.

Technology and Innovations

Are supply chains becoming more science fiction than reality? How ready are organizations to launch into the digital age? And how do we work with our partners to innovate and create sustainable change? As we prepare for the future, how far behind are supply chains? This track will explore the current state of technology, how organizations can prepare for the future, and why working with our supply chain partners is necessary for innovation.

Transportation and Logistics

Present by NASSTRAC, this track is focused on the efficient and effective movement of goods in domestic and international markets and educating supply chain professionals on the impact transportation has on their supply chains.


This warehousing track will introduce ideas to improve warehouse operations and show you how to position warehousing within the larger field of supply chain management.