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Leveraging Talent to Innovate, Disrupt and Scale Your Supply Chain, Powered by AWESOME
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New technologies and the digitization of businesses present significant challenges and opportunities. Acquiring, retaining, developing and advancing talent is now a business imperative. This outstanding group of experts and executives will share research insights and practical strategies on how to leverage supply chain talent for future success.
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The Top 5 FAQs About 5G
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The race for 5G is speeding up, and the time for answers regarding the technology advance is now. The panel address 5 frequently asked questions surrounding the move to 5G: What is 5G? What are the main obstacles to widely available 5G? How will 5G affect existing services? Is 5G secure? What's the deal with Huawei and why does it matter.
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The Cost of Clean Air: Complying with the IMO 2020 Sulfur Cap
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The new IMO regulation reducing ships' sulfur oxide emissions aims to improve the health of the environment and human population, especially near coasts and ports. This also means increased costs and a shift in strategies for maritime shippers. Explore the options offered by the new regulations and their predicted effect on logistics.
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