Keynote Speakers


Gretchen McCarthy Executive Vice President, Chief Supply Chain & Logistics Officer Target

Opening Session

Building a Guest-Centered Global Supply Chain
Get cozy as we kick off EDGE 2023 with an exclusive fireside chat. You'll have access to deep industry knowledge and expertise from Target's head supply chain exec.

Mark W. Baum
Marianne Wanamaker Professor and Dean University of Tennessee

Closing Session I

Is Our Labor Shortage Permanent? An Economist's View of the Future Workforce
Labor shortages, new worker demands, and high turnover in the post-Covid years have renewed companies’ focus on worker recruitment and retention. Former White House labor economist Marianne Wanamaker offers a data informed view of the American labor market. Where will workers come from? What skills will they have? How can companies make better workforce decisions? And in our new AI reality, what is the future of work, and of workers?

Patrick Van den Bossche Partner Kearney

Closing Session II

The Case for Rewiring Global, U.S.-Bound Supply Chains
For decades “Made in America” presented a conundrum whereby U.S. consumers expressed a preference for locally made goods, but still voted with their wallets and chose to buy cheaper imports. That was then, this is now! Given radical changes in consumer attitudes and logistic capabilities, it’s time for companies from across the globe that aim to continue to serve the U.S. market, the biggest economy in the world, to reconsider their supply chain approach! This session will discuss the underlying drivers that make rewiring global supply chains not only necessary but also possible, and will share best practices on how to prepare and execute re/nearshoring strategies. 


Missy Cummings Director Mason Autonomy and Robotics Center (MARC)

Opening Session

AI Reality Check: Truth vs. Hype in the Stampede Towards AI
Get ready for a deep dive into the reality of artificial intelligence as our EDGE 2023 Tuesday Opening Keynote, Missy Cummings, helps us put AI into context with AI Reality Check: Truth vs. Hype in the Stampede Towards AI.

Dr. Yossi Sheffi

Closing Session I

Who is Afraid of AI?
The conversation will cover the promise of AI to increase supply chain efficiency while meeting societal goals. It will also cover the challenge of integrating people and algorithms as well the future of jobs. Which jobs will disappear? Which will change? And how companies and people should prepare for the AI-infused future.

John S. Phillips SVP Customer Supply Chain & Go-To-MarketPepsiCo

Closing Session II

Navigating the VUCA Supply Chain in the Post Pandemic Era
Everything we knew about consumers, employees, and the supply chain has changed. Our EDGE 2023 Tuesday Closing Keynote, John Phillips, will explore how industry leaders can leverage new trends to retain talent and new technologies to drive transformational change in our organizations. Join us to up your game in this modern era of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.


Kate Vitasek

Closing Session I 

Five Steps for Creating an Engaged, Collaborative Culture
The vast majority of business relationships operate with a ‘Us vs. Them’ mindset: Management vs. Union, Buyer vs. Supplier, Boss vs. Employee and functional silo vs. functional silo. Organizations say things like “valued employee,” and “strategic partnership,” – but the reality is they are often stuck with policies and practices and functional metrics that pit organizations, departments and even team members against each other.  The result is a culture that often feels like a virtual tug of war with team members pulling against each other rather than collaborating for mutual success.  

Morris Morrison

Closing Session II 

DISRUPT YOURSELF: Driving Change To Create Growth & Opportunities!
It’s no secret that human beings crave consistency - and we dislike change. Yet, one thing remains clear -- owners, leaders and producers must, deliver results. In this program, Morris Morrison will equip your audience to abandon their need for certainty and comfort, to embrace change and disruption and develop new disciplines. The powerful message, unforgettable content and easy to apply learning outcomes in this program will challenge your audience to reimagine their role as owners and producers, to become DISRUPTORS.

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