Educational Tracks


EDGE presents a highly rated educational program spanning the end-to-end supply chain with the latest innovations, insights and perspectives shaping the industry. 

Curated by our dedicated member volunteers, known as Track Chairs, EDGE delivers up to three sessions each on Monday, September 30th (EDGE Sessions 1-3) and Tuesday, October 1st (EDGE Sessions 4-6). Note that each track is exclusive to either Monday or Tuesday, so plan your schedule accordingly.

The sessions feature diverse formats, including panels, dynamic workshops, and lectures, offering actionable takeaways and best practices. Please stay tuned for updates as Track descriptions may be adjusted to reflect the ever-evolving state of the supply chain. Elevate your knowledge and expertise at EDGE 2024!

Submit a session idea for the EDGE 2024 Call for Sessions here.


Ask the Expert Theaterpresented Sunday 9/29, Monday 9/30 & Tuesday 10/1 

The Ask the Expert theater will offer panel discussions providing powerful opportunities to discuss and learn new and innovative solutions being offered to solve industry disruptions and demands we face today. 

C-Level Discussionspresented only on Monday 9/30 

Co-Track Chair: Gina Anderson, VP Strategic Accounts, Reveel
Co-Track Chair: Steve Miller, Chief Commercial Official, DeepLogica AI

Keep your EDGE! This track provides a unique opportunity to enhance your engagement with the C-suite on today’s hot topics. Join our expert-led panels, speakers and thought leaders for audience-engaging conversations on artificial intelligence, emerging technologies, advancements in data analytics and economic dynamics, as well as tangible examples for driving efficiency, resilience, and a competitive advantage. Take away insights on how to leverage trends and adapt your global supply chains for future success.

Current Research & Surveyspresented only on Tuesday 10/1 

Dive into the cutting-edge realm of supply chain dynamics with a curated collection of groundbreaking research and surveys. Explore the forefront of industry insights, meticulously crafted by seasoned thought leaders armed with powerful metrics and data-driven solutions. Elevate your strategic priorities by immersing yourself in the invaluable knowledge presented at the highly anticipated CSCMP's Annual State of Logistics Report®, brought to you by Penske Logistics. Don't just stay informed—be empowered to conquer your most critical challenges.

Emerging Trendspresented only on Monday 9/30 

Embark on a journey into the dynamic landscape of the global marketplace, where staying ahead is not just an option but a necessity. Delve into the exploration of imminent trends that are poised to reshape the business landscape. Uncover and understand the emerging forces that will define the near future, ensuring you are not just prepared, but positioned to thrive amidst evolving market dynamics. Stay one step ahead by immersing yourself in the critical insights and foresight presented in this track. 

Global Supply Chainpresented only on Tuesday 10/1

Co-Track Chair: David Menachof, Associate Professor - Supply Chain and Operations Management, Florida Atlantic University 
Co-Track Chair: Jeff Piela, Vice President Strategic Sales, Kuehne + Nagel

Global Supply Chain refers to the process in which a business operates on an international scale. Today’s global markets are volatile, unpredictable and complex with increasing ambiguity. Supply Chain leaders are challenged to lower costs, shorten lead times, provide more variety with on time delivery and reliable quality – despite the pandemic, tightening capacity, unheard of rates, labor shortages, supply constraints and structural challenges. How will you continue to bring a competitive advantage and keep leadership informed of risks and mitigation? What should your Board know? Never has there been a better time to be a leader in the supply chain – learn how your peers and industry leaders are navigating these challenges. 

Industry Solutions Series I, II, IIIpresented Monday 9/30 & Tuesday 10/1 

These immersive educational sessions promise to deliver a panoramic 360-degree view of both current and future advancements in the industry, showcasing groundbreaking solutions from industry leaders and innovative providers. Gain invaluable insights into the latest technologies, strategies, and best practices that are reshaping the landscape of supply chain management. Uncover the nuanced details and strategic approaches adopted by leading companies, providing you with a deeper understanding and a roadmap to navigate the evolving challenges and opportunities in the modern supply chain ecosystem. 

Innovation Theaterpresented Sunday 9/29, Monday 9/30 & Tuesday 10/1 

In a “Shark-Tank” like fashion, exhibitors and sponsors will be given the opportunity to present a 15-minute demonstration to market their innovations and technologies, followed by a 5-minute Q&A.  

Leadership & Talent Development, presented by CSCMP’s Young Professionals Committeepresented only on Monday 9/30

Track Chair: Samantha Stec, Americas Supply and Demand Planner – Biogel Surgical Gloves, Molnlycke US

This track explores how and why companies seem to understand the saying of “You get what you plan for” when it comes to the goods they produce, but not when it applies to the people they hire and train. Session topics will focus on the strategy to building and retaining a workforce that meets the demands of a modern economy.

Network Planning & Optimizationpresented only on Tuesday 10/1

Track Chair: Chris Tuttle, Director, Customer Solutions, ORTEC

Network planning and optimization enables organizations to maximize their economic performance and customer satisfaction while considering agility, resiliency, and sustainability. Virtually all organizations must redesign their supply chains periodically in response to changing market conditions, but recent instabilities within the global economy have made this process even more frequent and important. This track will focus on tools and best practices that companies utilize to position their networks for success.

Order Fulfillment & Customer Servicepresented only on Tuesday 10/1

Co-Track Chair: Josh Main, SVP, Global Sales & Partnerships, Mojix 
Co-Track Chair: Sean Mueller, VP Business Development and Solutions, Symbia Logistics 

In this track, we’ll dive into the critical aspects of order fulfillment, with a spotlight on customer service. Our sessions will explore cutting-edge strategies, including the use of artificial intelligence (AI), streamlined automation, and labor efficiency enhancements. Discover how leading companies are optimizing their operations to thrive in a dynamic landscape while minimizing waste and maximizing sales.

Risk Mitigationpresented only on Monday 9/30

Co-Track Chair: Barry Brewer, Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management, Brigham Young University
Co-Track Chair: Jon Mosher, Export Operations Lead, Baye

How do we strengthen today's brittle supply chains that seem to lack resilience? We will explore risk mitigation strategies that reduce either the likelihood of a risk occurring or minimize the extent of its impact. Understanding your organization’s appetite and tolerance levels and the benefits from changing them will influence the value of your mitigation efforts. Potential mitigation strategies and tactics will be explored through the lens of design and policy development, risk monitoring and impact assessment, and an effective operational response approach.

S&OP and Inventory Planningpresented only on Tuesday 10/1

Co-Track Chair: Chris J. Jackson, VP, Operations & IT, Chervon Group, NABU
Co-Track Chair: Rafael Vasquez, Global Head of Supply Chain Professional Services, Coupa Software

This track explains how to navigate, understand, and leverage today's technologies to the fundamentals of S&OP and Inventory planning. Participants will walk away with a better understanding of how today's "Perma-crisis" environment calls for a need to have the technology, people, and processes working together.

Attendees will discover how tying the fundamentals to the innovations will optimize demand forecasting, streamline supply chain operations, and reduce inventory costs in real-time. All the while, making better collaboration across key business stakeholders - sales, finance, marketing, etc.

Lastly, examining these topics through the lenses of technology, people, and processes, these sessions aim to empower participants by providing actionable takeaways from Industry leaders, looking to elevate their supply chains.

Spotlight Series I, II, III, IVpresented Monday 9/30 & Tuesday 10/1

These sessions boldly showcase the world-class products and services our sponsors have to offer. Immerse yourself in an unparalleled exploration of cutting-edge solutions, providing you with an insider's view of the transformative possibilities that lie ahead. Don't miss this unique opportunity to engage with industry leaders and discover the future of supply chain excellence in a setting that breaks free from convention. The spotlight is on – are you ready to be captivated?

Sustainabilitypresented only on Monday 9/30

Co-Track Chair: Bill King, Director, Solutions Management SCE, SAP
Co-Track Chair: Simone Ross, Apparel and Technology Executive

Today's supply chains are evolving due to various factors such as climate impact, increasing regulation and shifting attitudes towards sustainability. Effective sustainability management can distinguish your company in the market while generating additional value. In this track we will learn how companies are successfully enhancing environmental practices, ensuring social compliance, and boosting transparency within supply chains.

Technology & Innovationspresented only on Tuesday 10/1

Co-Track Chair: Andy Keller, Founder/Principal, AR Keller Enterprise
Co-Track Chair: Dan VandenBrink, Partner, Decision Spot

This track explores the transformation of supply chains through technology, focusing on end-to-end planning, visibility, and execution. We delve into how automation, data science, decision intelligence, and AI revolutionize decision-making processes. We’ll cover key factors for successful technology deployment with real world examples highlighting how to generate value, accelerate innovation, and improve organizational adoption. Join us to uncover the future of innovation in supply chain management.

Transportation & Logisticspresented only on Monday 9/30

Co-Track Chair: Heather Dohrn, Chief Commercial Officer, Dohrn Transfer Company 
Co-Track Chair: Geoff Muessig, Chief Marketing Officer/Executive VP, PITT OHIO

In the ever-evolving landscape of transportation and logistics, the dynamics of nearshoring, reshoring, and disruptions from international channels are reshaping freight lanes. These shifts have prompted industries to adapt and innovate in response to changing market forces. As supply chains navigate through these fluctuations, the transportation function emerges as a crucial pivot point, tasked with absorbing and resolving both upstream and downstream pressures. Supply chain professionals continue to work through these problems today. Shipper, carrier, and 3PL executives will discuss the strategies that they have used to solve recent transportation disruptions while also sharing their insight concerning the management of the challenges that lie ahead.

Warehousing & Distributionpresented only on Tuesday 10/1

Co-Track Chair: Leah Clement, Market Development Manager, iJility
Co-Track Chair: Sharon Kariampuzha, Associate, JL

Warehousing and Distribution proved challenging in recent years largely due to consumer purchasing behavior and the widespread transition to online shopping. Whether through government-imposed retail restrictions, rapidly changing consumer buying habits, and persistent labor shortages, even the most efficient and agile distribution operations were challenged with throughput bottlenecks and rising costs, among other things. This disruption was so substantial and long-lasting that its ripple effects are still being felt today and will continue to guide warehousing and distribution into the future. This track will offer inspiring success stories, provide actionable operational best-practices and insights from thought-leaders and discuss important warehousing and distribution trends.