Need Approval to Attend EDGE?

When you attend EDGE, you'll make your supervisor look like a hero because engaged employees excel in making optimal choices with limited resources. Managers and supervisors who send their employees to EDGE consistently find their team is more motivated, well-versed about technology, and industry trends, and more focused on reaching, and even exceeding their company goals.

Attending EDGE 2024 can make the difference between your industry’s operations thriving or stagnating. To crush the competition and succeed, you must keep up with technology, tried and true best practices, and stay on top of your game with the connections you’ll make in educational sessions and networking receptions.

Get Leadership Buy-in

  • Identify exhibitors and educational sessions that address your specific company needs.
  • List your current priorities – cutting costs, more throughput, business development, diversification or other specific challenges and find corresponding education, collaborate with practitioners, and meet the right solution providers at EDGE.
  • Explain the relationship between EDGE activities and your company's goals. It’s important to be able to list and talk about the benefits and how you can make an impact.
  • Learn how you can successfully implement these innovations into your operation to cut costs, increase productivity and improve quality.
  • Discover new approaches to your current practices and analyze best practices.
  • Get practical solutions to your complex problems.
  • Network and discuss hot topics with your supply chain peers.

Everyone Benefits

Bring the knowledge back home and be a force of change in your company. Everyone benefits from your EDGE attendance because you'll be equipped to share best practices, success stories, and practical solutions. And, you'll have the opportunity to transform your biggest challenges into your greatest accomplishments.

Learn from the BEST at the EDGE 2024 Conference

The EDGE Conference gathers the industry under one roof, at one time, to discuss new opportunities and supply chain challenges and innovations. Network with a community of your industry peers and explore fresh ideas to enhance your business. Leave with different perspectives on overcoming day-to-day and long-range challenges.

  • Sessions complement what you see on the exhibit floor.
  • Gain insight into improving your production and operations.
  • Learn from professionals who’ve been there with solutions to your supply chain management challenges.

Now's the Time to Develop Your Proposal

Put your ideas in writing and submit a formal proposal to your department head. Be sure to include your intended schedule and why the knowledge you gain will be of value. List all the areas where you face challenges and the exhibitor, educational resources, and arranged meetings you can tap into to overcome these challenges. Again, all under one roof, saving you time and money.

Closer to the event, download the EDGE 2024 Mobile App to use as your planning tool to make the most of your time and investment. Plan and build your custom schedule and easily add exhibitors to your contacts to use your time wisely at EDGE 2024. The functionality allows you to focus on the companies and products you need to see, and create a time-efficient plan for your visit.

Opt to share your contact information with attendees and exhibitors through the app, enabling proactive conversations before the event. 

Additionally, share the details with your supervisor to ensure alignment on your preferences and what you aim to explore at the event. Enhance collaboration and make the most out of your experience. Don't forget to include the cost of transportation, meals, and lodging to make your proposal all-inclusive. Use our sample memo to help you sell the idea of attending EDGE to your manager.

Sample Memo

Click here for a sample "Value of EDGE" memo to make your own and get boss buy-in.

After EDGE Share the Knowledge

After your successful time at EDGE, follow up immediately with your direct supervisor. Offer your firsthand impressions, share what you gained, new contacts you connected with, and how you'll be able to apply what you learned. Refer back to your initial proposal and talk about how you fulfilled your goals and how you will implement the knowledge. Most importantly, let your manager know that your participation in EDGE was a worthwhile investment for your company. Finally, be sure to follow up and stay in touch with the many new industry friends you made while at the event.