Value of EDGE Sample Letter

To: [Insert Name]
Fr: [Your Name]
Re: EDGE 2024 Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition Attendance
September 29 - October 2, 2024, Nashville, Tennessee

I would like to attend the EDGE 2024 Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition this September in Nashville. This is highly regarded supply chain event allows us to connect with the best in the industry. EDGE is three and a half days of education, technology, best practices, networking, and the place where experts gather under one roof to share what they know.

This conference allows me to compare the latest trends, solutions, and learn from innovative thought leaders. The conference is known for its highly regarded research and educational sessions. I can set up meetings and experience the exhibit hall with solutions and tech that may be suitable for our next steps. I’ll connect with industry peers and suppliers where I can discuss our specific day-to-day challenges.

At a time when we are focused on staying strong, building our business, optimizing, and being poised for future opportunities, I think it's critical to learn from others who are successful. Here are three initiatives where we could benefit:

  • [add project or initiative]
  • [add project or initiative]
  • [add project or initiative]

I envision returning to the office with entirely new knowledge that can serve us for years to come. When we face a specific supply chain challenge, something I learned or someone I met at EDGE with the solution will be at the top of my mind. There are companies who gain contracts or develop new initiatives simply because they remembered an exhibit booth, session, or peer contact from EDGE that would allow them to jump right in and collaborate.

I intend to use the EDGE Mobile App to create a time-efficient plan for my visit. Using this I can also give attendees and exhibitors my contact information so we can start a dialogue in advance of the event. I'll also be able to email you a map so we can make certain we are on the same page about what I need to see at the show.

I'm currently working on ways to keep expenses in line, including early registration, ride-sharing, meals with vendors, etc. Here is an approximate breakdown of our investment for my visit to supply chain’s premier event, EDGE:

  • Transportation (drive, airfare, taxi)
  • Hotel (2 nights)
  • Meals (3 days at $xx)
  • Registration: $
  • Total:

EDGE will deliver tremendous ROI. These "wins" will pay off in the form of better practices, tested solutions, and a network of peers and experts to call upon when troubleshooting. I think you will agree that this is a small investment when we consider the value I can bring back.

Thank you for considering this request. I look forward to your reply.

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